Liberal Education and Social Responsibility in a Global Community

The Rollins College Colloquy presented a variety of perspectives on liberal education and social responsibility in a global society. Lewis Duncan, the College's 14th president, launched these conversations for the Rollins community as a continuation of the College's tradition of curricular exploration, beginning with Hamilton Holt's 1931 conference, "The Curriculum for the Liberal Arts College," chaired by John Dewey, and sustained by Rita Bornstein's 1997 Rollins Colloquy, "Toward a Pragmatic Liberal Education: The Curriculum of the 21st Century," which featured leading higher-education theorists.

The 2007 gathering included keynotes by Maya Angelou, Francis Fukuyama, and Salman Rushdie, along with panels of other notable thought leaders. The Colloquy's goal was to engage participants in meaningful conversations about the key questions flowing from a consideration of the role of liberal education in the 21st century, leading to new directions for Rollins' curriculum. To assure productive interactions between our guests and the Rollins community, a faculty team was developed for each presenter.

"As we explore the components of a curriculum that will prepare our students to lead meaningful, responsible, and productive lives in the 21st century," Duncan said, "we believe it is critically important to first think about the 21st century, and the fundamental societal issues, challenges, and opportunities that our graduates will encounter.

"To assist us in this exercise, we have invited thought leaders from a diversity of disciplines to share with us their vision of the future and the appropriate role of liberal education in that world. Guided initially by a committee of Rollins faculty holding endowed chairs, and then by faculty teams dedicated to each of our special guests, we have developed a program of shared conversations structured around a series of questions we believe will contribute valuable insights to our consideration of curricular revision at Rollins.

"I encourage every member of the Rollins community—faculty, students, and staff—to take part in this conversation, which will help to set the College’s course in this new millennium."

Colloquy Coordinator

Dr. Gail D. Sinclair


Linda S. and Allan E. Keen '70 '71MBA

Tremaine Foundation
February 8, 2007
Jared Diamond
National Medal of Science winner, Professor of Geography and author...More...
March 26, 2007
Maya Angelou
Poet, educator, historian, best-selling author, actress, playwright, civil-rights activist, producer and dire...More...
March 27, 2007
Carol Christ
President of Smith College, former provost of the University of California at Berkeley ...More...
March 27, 2007
E.O. Wilson
Harvard University Professor Emeritus and winner of two Pulitzer Prizes ...More...
March 27, 2007
Jaron Lanier
Computer Scientist, Composer, Visual Artist, Author, and Creator of the Phrase "Virtual Reality"...More...
March 27, 2007
Steven Pinker
Experimental psychologist, cognitive scientist, and writer...More...
March 27, 2007
Salman Rushdie
Booker Prize-winning author, intellectual, political activist...More...
March 28, 2007
F. Duane Ackerman
Chairman Emeritus of BellSouth Corporation...More...
March 28, 2007
Anna Deavere Smith
 Playwright, actor, and activist...More...
March 28, 2007
Sally K. Ride
Former NASA astronaut and the first American woman in space ...More...
March 28, 2007
Francis Fukuyama
American philosopher, political economist and author...More...