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Students stand at the front of a theater.

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Critical Media & Cultural Studies

Study what you love in a welcoming and inclusive environment while gaining multicultural perspectives and developing skills in critical thinking, writing, presentation and discussion facilitation, and media production.

With the guidance of faculty, build your own specialized concentration or focus in areas such as action, advocacy, and social change; body, health, and society; critical media analysis; gender studies; media production; power and persuasion; race and ethnicity studies; and sexualities studies.

A CMC degree from Rollins prepares you for a career in media, communication, and other industries; public service and policy; and graduate and professional programs in media studies, cultural studies, law, and business.

Why Study Critical Media & Cultural Studies at Rollins

Media Expertise

Our curriculum trains students to be critical analysts and producers of media, combining the theory, analysis, and research of media studies with hands-on experience in media production.

Activism & Advocacy

We study media and culture with an eye toward activism and advocacy. In Incarceration and Inequality, for example, students research current issues in the criminal justice system, then present their recommendations to policymakers.


In this interdisciplinary major, students work closely with a faculty advisor to craft an individualized concentration and to locate the most relevant and engaging courses across departments and programs.

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Rebecca Charbonneau
“CMC gave me the critical-thinking skills I need to analyze the complex geopolitical relations, policies, and ideologies I study. The major also equipped me with the ability to effectively communicate my ideas and effect positive change in both my community and the government, which has been essential to my career.”

Rebecca Charbonneau ’16

PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge

Rollins Critical Media & Cultural Studies Careers

Rollins critical media and cultural studies grads are making tomorrow happen at some of the world’s most innovative companies.

Sam Barns headshot

Sam Barns ’11 ’12MBA

Executive Director, Better Lives

J.D. Casto headshot

J.D. Casto ’11

Camera Operator, Orlando Magic

Julia Pyzik headshot

Julia Pyzik ’09

Field Supervisor, Universal Pictures

Anne Koeblitz headshot

Anne Koeblitz ’13

Video Producer, NBC Sports

Cass Yankala headshot

Cass Yankala ’13

Franchise Manager, The Walt Disney Company

Spencer Mumford headshot

Spencer Mumford ’15

Actor, TDH Talent

Real World Experience

Hone the knowledge and skills you’re developing in the classroom through internships at local and national organizations.

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Popular Courses

The “critical” in critical media and cultural studies stems from our commitment to critical thinking, critical issues of the 21st century, and critical theory’s analysis of social systems and the distribution of power and inequality.

CMC 110
Digital Storytelling

Explore how narrative and symbols structure meaning and develop the ability to use and understand digital technologies as tools for creative multimedia expression.

A student and professor talk in a computer lab.
CMC 270
Media, Gender, and Sexualities

Examine how media portrayals of gender and sexuality intersect with race, class, and other identities and how television, music, and social media shape and constrain personal and social power.

CMC 310
Media, Peace, and Justice

In this hands-on course, you’ll not only study media but also develop and apply your talents to the pursuit of peace and justice through the planning, promotion, and execution of the Global Peace Film Festival.

CMC 320
Political Economy of Body and Food

Explore the political and economic interests behind body and beauty ideals, body image, body dissatisfaction, eating disorders, steroid abuse, our cultural fear and hatred of fat, and inequalities related to the current food system.

Students discuss a presentation with a lecturer.
CMC 325
Incarceration and Inequality

Investigate how privilege and inequality manifest in areas such as the war on drugs, the militarization of policing, prison privatization, and the death penalty.

A lecture in-progress.
CMC 330
Native American Media and Cultural Studies

Examine how contemporary indigenous peoples reclaim textual production to form identity, revitalize culture, and assert sovereignty and treaty rights.

A Day in the Life of a Rollins Critical Media & Cultural Studies Major

“I chose CMC because it combined my creative passions for media and film with social justice. My worldview was forever changed in Dr. Lisa Tillmann’s Research, Media, and Culture course—I highly recommend it!”

Renee Sang '21

Beyond the Classroom

Student Media Develop your voice through volunteer and paid work opportunities at Rollins’ student-run media outlets, including WPRK radio, The Independent magazine, Brushing literary magazine, and The Sandspur newspaper.

Local Film Festivals The Global Peace and Florida Film Festivals—both based in Orlando—provide project-based internship and full-time employment opportunities that include hands-on experience with planning, promotion, implementation, and post-production processes.

Documentary Filmmaking For their capstone project, students meld their area of study with concentrated research to produce a 15-minute documentary.

A student works at the console for the WPRK radio station.

Expert Faculty

Grounded in social justice values, our professors help students develop the tools to work for change.

Department of Critical Media & Cultural Studies
1000 Holt Ave. – 2777
Winter Park, FL 32789
T. 407.646.2337
F. 407.646.1566

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Contact Critical Media & Cultural Studies Professors

Denise Cummings headshot

Denise Cummings, PhD

Associate Professor of Critical Media & Cultural Studies

Research interests: Critical cinema studies, cultural studies, critical theory, and Native American and global indigenous studies

Kathryn Norsworthy headshot

Kathryn Norsworthy, PhD

Professor of Counseling

Research interests: LGBTQ+ civil rights, transnational feminist activism and social change, and gender justice

Steve Schoen headshot

Steve Schoen, PhD

Assistant Professor of Critical Media & Cultural Studies

Research interests: Documentary production, theory and criticism, and media representations of gender and sexuality

Lisa Tillmann headshot

Lisa Tillmann, PhD

Professor of Critical Media & Cultural Studies

Research interests: Activism, social justice documentary filmmaking, and civil rights