Education (Secondary)

At Rollins, our approach to studying education utilizes a constructivist way of thinking that begins with the prior knowledge of the learner and proceeds to guide students to link their already existing knowledge, skills, and attitudes with new learning. As a result, instead of teachers telling students what they need to know, students construct new meaning in every class by connecting already existing knowledge to new information.

The minor in secondary education is designed for students who wish to pursue careers as middle- or high-school teachers. You must complete the secondary education minor alongside a major in biology, chemistry, English, Hispanic studies, mathematics, music, physics, social science (e.g., international relations), or theatre.

Expert Faculty

Department of Education

Cornell Social Sciences Building
1000 Holt Ave. – 2726
Winter Park, FL 32789

Telephone: 407.646.2242

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Contact Education Professors

  • Wendy Brandon

    Wendy Brandon, EdD

    Associate Professor of Education

    Research interests: Role of race, class, and gender in school success within local, national, and global contexts

  • Angela Griner

    Angela Griner, EdD

    Visiting Professor of Education and Director of Pathways to Teaching Program

  • J. Scott Hewit

    J. Scott Hewit, EdD

    Associate Professor of Education, Emeritus

    Research interests: Innovative instructional strategies in Rwanda, emerging technology in developing nations, and educational policy around the globe

  • Jenn Manak

    Jenn Manak, PhD

    Professor of Education, Reading Coordinator

    Research interests: The interconnected nature of reading and writing instruction, the impact of culturally responsive and inclusive pedagogies on diverse students' literacy learning

  • H. James McLaughlin

    H. James McLaughlin, PhD

    Professor and Richard James Mertz Chair of Education

    Research interests: Education in Anne Frank schools; Holocaust and genocide education; meaningful international experiences for college students

  • Debra Wellman

    Debra Wellman, PhD

    Professor of Education, Emerita

    Research interests: The impact of field experiences on preservice teachers, book clubs as a model of discussion-based learning, and content area instruction

  • Jie Yu

    Jie Yu, PhD

    Associate Professor of Education

    Research interests: Curriculum studies, narrative inquiry, phenomenology, and multicultural education