Designed for students in related major fields and those interested in pursuing a career in the allied health professions, the neuroscience minor at Rollins combines courses in biology, psychology, and philosophy for an integrated study of how the brain functions and the biological contributions to behavior.

You’ll explore a range of topics—from cellular biology and language to evolution and genetics—as you delve into a variety of topical and methodological perspectives. A powerful complement to majors in biology, biochemistry/molecular biology, marine biology, or psychology, the study of neuroscience opens doors to careers in clinical work, audiology, research, occupational therapy, and more.

Expert Faculty

Bush Science Center, 320
1000 Holt Ave. – 2760
Winter Park, FL 32789

Telephone: 407.646.1153

  • Steven St. John

    Steven St. John, PhD

    Professor of Psychology

    Research interests: Behavioral and neural regulation of feeding and drinking behavior; the plasticity of the nervous system to change with age and experience

  • Bobby Fokidis

    Bobby Fokidis, PhD

    Associate Professor of Biology

    Research interests: Exploring the hormonal and neural links between energy status and animal behavior, particularly in a changing environment

  • Jay Pieczynski

    Jay Pieczynski, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Biology

    Research interests: Dynamics of microtubules and microtubule motor proteins in cell signaling and behavior

  • Jennifer Queen

    Jennifer Queen, PhD

    Professor of Psychology

    Research interests: Cognitive science of learning in college students; how the mind/brain receives, stores, and uses information; the memory for spoken language