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Academic Resources

We want you to succeed. Explore all the resources and opportunities afforded to Rollins students.

A student- and community-operated radio station, WPRK broadcasts a diverse array of new, local, classical, and contemporary music to the greater Orlando area. Learn more about WPRK >>

WPRK 91.5 FM

A student- and community-operated radio station, WPRK broadcasts a diverse array of new, local, classical, and contemporary music to the greater Orlando area. Learn more about WPRK >>

Olin Library

The 2nd floor of the library is open 24 hours all year unless otherwise noted. After closing, the 24-hour area of the 2nd floor is open to Rollins students, faculty, and staff only. Visit the Olin Library website

Academic Advising

At Rollins, academic advising is a collaborative relationship between our students and faculty. Your faculty advisor will help you realize life and career goals and develop academic plans by which to achieve them. Visit the Academic Advising website.

Accessibility Services

The Accessibility Services Office will work to ensure that students with disabilities are availed the necessary services and support to maintain a level playing field. Visit the Accessibility Services website.

Student Success

The Office of Student Success helps Rollins students work through academic and social issues so they may more effectively navigate the transitions of college life and achieve academic success. Visit the Student Success website.


A guide to everything related to Rollins academics. Visit

Tutoring and Writing Center

Consultants and tutors at TJ's Tutoring and Writing Consulting meet one-on-one to give feedback and enhance their fellow students' learning process. Visit the Tutoring and Writing Center website.


Find help with class scheduling, registration, transcript requests, degree/enrollment verifications, academic record and transcript maintenance, monitoring degree requirements, and awarding degrees. Visit the Registrar's website.


The Rollins College Bookstore, located at 200 W. Fairbanks Avenue, is your one-stop-shop for all graduation items such as diploma frames, caps and gowns, and class rings. Visit the Rollins Bookstore page.

Academic Honor Code

Rollins College requires adherence to a code of behavior that is essential for building an academic community committed to excellence and scholarship with integrity and honor. Go to the Academic Honor Code page.

External and Competitive Scholarships

Prepare for a wide variety of highly competitive and prestigious graduate scholarships including Fulbright, Goldwater, Boren, and National Science Foundation Fellowships. Find External and Competitive Scholarships.

Academic Internships

Receive general elective credit while exploring various career fields as an intern for a professional organization. Find Academic Internships.

Genius Foundation

A historical artifact of the 19th century, the Genius Preserve is Charles Morse’s vision of natural and cultivated beauty and offers environmental studies majors a living link to our natural past. Visit the Genius Foundation's website.

Career & Life Planning

The Center for Career & Life Planning provides a variety of resources including career counseling and planning, career information programs, experiential education and identification of employment opportunities. Visit the Career and Life Planning website.

Study Abroad

The Office of International Programs offers study abroad programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, field study opportunities, and connections to international internships. Go to the Study Abroad website.