Gallup Alumni Survey

Your response is important! President Grant Cornwell shares the value of your Gallup survey participation.

What is the purpose of the Gallup poll?

The purpose of the survey is to obtain rich information about students’ experiences and understand the success of our graduates to improve institutional effectiveness, programming and academic content. Our mission statement – that we educate students for global citizenship and responsible leadership, empowering graduates to pursue meaningful lives and productive careers – is a set of promises to our students and their families. We hope to obtain information that clarifies the extent to which a Rollins education delivers on those promises and will help us further refine and improve our academic programs and initiatives. Additionally, this process will help us measure our students and graduates and compare them to a national benchmark.

What Rollins programs and services will benefit from this information?

Survey results will help to inform decisions on several important topics, including creating a better alumni experience. Ultimately, the results will be used to obtain a deeper understanding of our students’ learning experiences both in the classrooms and out, the way our faculty interact with students, and the services we provide to help ensure our graduates enjoy meaningful lives and productive careers.

How will my survey responses be used?

The Gallup survey is 100 percent confidential and your participation is voluntary. Your individual responses will never be identified with you, and data will only be reported as totals for all surveyed. Gallup will never release any of your personal information. A summary report will be provided by Gallup at the conclusion with the survey results focused five key areas: collegiate experience, post-graduation success, cost and value, well-being and alumni attachment.

What’s the timeline of the survey?

The Alumni survey will be open from September 24 to October 22. The student survey will be open from October 23 to November 20, 2018.

What if I have questions about the survey?

Please contact Senior Director of Advancement Services Vicky Medlock at or 407-691-1242 with questions.