Rollins Announces 2019 Student Award Winners

May 23, 2019

By Luke Woodling ’17MBA

The College recognized 33 students for their academic achievements and positive contributions to campus and the community at the 2019 Student Awards Banquet.

Fiat Lux Award Winners

Fiat Lux Awards honor outstanding Rollins seniors for their positive contributions to our campus and community in the areas of academics, leadership, inclusion, and service. The award recognizes the most established and honorable leaders on campus.

  • Vernisha Andrews
  • Lizzie Berry
  • Gabby Buendia
  • Jakobi Bonner
  • Nagina Chaudhry
  • Joshua Colson
  • Meredith Ewen
  • Jade Grimes
  • Nicole Hubert
  • Kalli Joslin
  • Kate Knight
  • Skylar Knight
  • Taylor Riccard
  • Cameron Robinson
  • Ellie Rushing
  • Greg Taicher
  • Megan Welliver

Academic Awards

Business Division Madison Jenkins
Expressive Arts Meredith Egan
Humanities Lyla Domingue
Science and Math Megan Welliver
Social Sciences Applied Erin McCusker
Social Sciences Skylar Knight
Interdisciplinary Majors Karina Barbesino and Luke Parsley

SGA Member of the Year

Recognizes the Student Government Association member who made the biggest impact during the academic year

  • Brock Simmons Barfield

Emerging Leader of the Year

Recognizes a student who has just begun their leadership journey at Rollins and continues to show promise and strong potential

  • Lodovica Dal Monte

Student Leader of the Year

Recognizes a student leader who has demonstrated the highest level of leadership and a strong and lasting impact in multiple areas of campus

  • Jessica Gonzalez

Global Ambassador of the Year

Recognizes a student who brings international experience and perspective to Rollins through their passion for global citizenship

  • Karina Barbesino

Student Employee of the Year

Recognizes a student who has demonstrated excellence in their on-campus position by completing outstanding work in the following areas: reliability, quality of work, initiative, professionalism, and uniqueness of contribution

  • Matt Fisher

FSL Leaders of the Year

Recognizes fraternity and sorority life leaders who truly embody and exhibit the values of the fraternity and sorority life community at Rollins, striving for excellence in their leadership and personal dedication to their values

  • Erin Snyder
  • Zach Mishriki

Community Service and Engagement

Recognizes a student who has displayed exemplary leadership and dedication to community engagement during their time at Rollins

  • Mary Vickers

Peer Educator of the Year

Recognizes a student who is known for modeling positive behavior and enhancing learning opportunities for their peers in direct ways

  • Hallie Brody

Award for Collective Leadership

Recognizes an organization or team that has had significant impact on Rollins and/or the greater community

  • Black Student Union

Unsung Hero of the Year

Recognizes a student who exemplifys silent leadership and whose work has had a significant impact on the Rollins community

  • Nilly Kohzad

Brendan O’Sullivan Award

Recognizes the graduating senior with the highest GPA who also studied abroad during their time at Rollins

  • Karina Barbesino

N. Ronald Pease Service to Campus Award

Each year members of the graduating class select one graduating senior who has made the most significant contribution in service to Rollins to receive the N. Ronald Pease Service to Campus Award.

  • Skylar Knight

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