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Dear Friends of Art,

Artists help us express realities, feelings and hopes when our own words fail us. They do so through their works, but often – increasingly today when so many artists join their voices with the best of social justice activism – with their words also. Recently I heard Yinka Shonibare, CBE talk about his work and the role of art today; he noted: “In order to change things, we need to take control of how we represent them.”

As I reflected on his words, it occurred to me that the mission of museums is precisely to represent moments in time – be they historical, contemporary, or both. How we represent them is important, and it is a choice we make consciously. Today, in a world shaken by the murder of George Floyd and the countless others who came before him, we need to revisit our priorities and put social and racial justice, diversity and inclusion at the center of our choices.

At CFAM, we are fortunate to have a contemporary collection that has been built around themes of social engagement, civic mindedness, and a diversity of points of view. We hope to reopen our doors and share new installations with you. Until then, we will continue to share such works through the Work of the Week and our virtual conversations.


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Ena Heller, Ph.D.
Bruce A. Beal Director

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