Our Guiding Lights

The Advisory Council of the Rollins STARS Senior Enrichment Program consists of 11 members recommended by the Council and appointed by the Dean of the Hamilton Holt School. Council composition is representative of older adult learners in the target population as well as experienced administrators, faculty, and practitioners involved in older adult programs. The council provides advice concerning the design and plans for the STARS program, and helps create policies that provide direction and support for the program staff. The council also advises on the mission and purpose of the program, assists in articulating the goals, means, and primary constituents to be served by the program, ensures effective planning, monitoring, and strengthening of programs and activities, and enhances the program's public standing.

Current Members:

  • Joy Dickinson
  • Daniel Flick
  • Michelle Hodge
  • Katrina Jenkins
  • Robert Lemon, Ph.D.
  • Robert Miller, Ph.D.
  • Therese Osborne
  • Jana Ricci, '80
  • Diana Silvey

For information on joining the advisory council, email Peggy Smith-Clayman.  Advisory Council members are entitled to two free classes a year for their volunteerism.