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Information Technology

Rollins Accounts

We have many different systems on campus, each requiring an account log-in and password (passphrase). We are working on unifying our systems so that you can decrease the number of distinct log-ins that you must remember. Currently, email, Foxlink, Canvas, SharePoint and Argos are unified.

Information on each specific account is available using the left-hand menu.   

As a new employee, we will be creating a series of accounts for you. Most of the time, your username will be your first initial followed by your last name (e.g. John Doe = jdoe). There are times when others on the campus already have that username, so we would need to add middle initial or some other differentiator. You will know when you receive your email account. Use your default password. You will be required to change this passphrase after the  first log in.

Accounts are created once you have been entered into our main database by Human Resources as a new employee. We do our best to accommodate requests to create email accounts early if that will help your transition to campus. Once you have your email account, you can easily configure your mobile phone to receive your email and sync with your calendar. 


FoxLink is our portal system and is the place to enter final grades, find your pay stub, check your vacation balances, and many other links pertinent to you and your employment.  The same username and password (passphrase) are used here. Learn More


Every academic course has an online Canvas course associated with it. Faculty and students are automatically enrolled into their courses. There are also many committees that have Canvas courses to help them organize their documents and discussions, so staff may also find themselves accessing Canvas. You access Canvas using that same username and password. Learn More

There are a number of other accounts that you may also need, depending on your specific campus function. More specific information on all possible accounts can be found throughout this website.