Information Technology

Registering Your Account - Step by Step

IT is transitioning to a more secure method of verifying your identity for resetting your Rollins FoxID password.  Please go through the following steps to register two alternate contact methods.  This information will only be used by this system to verify your identity.  Microsoft assures us that your information will not be shared or used for any other purpose.

Step 1: 


  • Type in your email address.  Your account may be listed on this page if you have already logged into Office 365 on this computer.  In that case, please select the account you are registering


Step 3:

  • Sign in with your Rollins email address and password


Step 4:

  • Setup two methods of alternate communication. (Faculty and staff may already have an office phone number setup for their account)

    If you choose Authentication Phone, click “Set it up now” and proceed to Step 5  -or-  If you choose Authentication Email, click “Set it up now” and proceed to Step 


Step 5:

  • Fill in an alternate phone number (not your office phone) and choose to be contacted either by text or phone call


Step 6:

  • Enter the code that you receive through text or phone call to verify that your number is correct


Step 7:

  • If you have two options setup you can click “Finish” and you’re done!  If not, select “Set it up now” for Authentication Email and proceed to Step 7


Step 8:

  • Enter an alternate email address (not your Rollins email address) and click “email me”


Step 9:

  • Enter the verification code that you receive in your email


Step 10:

  • Click “verify"


Step 11:

  • Once you have 2 options completed you can click “finish”.  If the “finish” button is still greyed out, jump back to Step 5 for instructions on how to register an Authentication Phone


Step 12:

  • When you see this page, you are finished!