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Guerrilla Girls: Feminists Are Funny

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A collection of skits, songs, posters and parodies addressing women's issues—the herstory/history of being female in a patriarchal world. Guerrilla Girls on Tour is a New York City-based touring theater company that creates original comedies celebrating women and their history—past, present and future. Their mission is to educate via performances, workshops, gallery exhibits, master classes.

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Guerrilla Girls on Tour is a New York based touring theatre company that creates fresh and original comedies celebrating women’s history — past, present and future.

All of our work is presented using masks and draws from a variety of classic theatre techniques such as physical theatre, vaudeville and parody resulting in our own unique style that allow us to imaginatively portray a wide range of characters and scenarios with minimal technical elements.

We are a theatre company of national and international renown that also trains and educates via workshops, gallery exhibits, master classes and community collaborations often resulting in participatory performance projects and site-specific productions that include local women’s history.

Guerrilla Girls On Tour has presented over 200 performances and workshops in theatres, classrooms, art galleries, community centers, cafes and the great outdoors. We have been featured in many festivals in the US, UK, Poland, Argentina, Ireland, South Korea, Spain, Japan, China, Slovenia, Hungary, Greece and France.