What’s it like to live and learn on America’s most beautiful campus? Nothing short of amazing. But don’t just take our word for it. Explore some of the country’s best college dorms through the eyes of the students who call Rollins College home. Through our student-hosted dorm tour series, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at eight of Rollins’ top residence halls as well as tips and tricks from your future classmates on how to max out your dorm room.

Sutton Place Apartments Tour

From spacious rooms and furnished shared living spaces to roomy balconies and a lakeside pool, explore everything Sutton Place Apartments has to offer.

Ward Hall Tour

Explore Ward Hall, one of Rollins’ most popular first-year residence halls. See how Ella and Alexis make the most of their space, and then check out the fourth-floor patio that overlooks Lake Virginia and offers views of downtown Orlando.

Rollins students walking to class.

Experience Rollins IRL

There’s no better way to learn more about Rollins than to experience it in real life.

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Lakeside Neighborhood Tour

Welcome to Lakeside Neighborhood, a 250,000-foot residential community that has set a new standard for liberal arts living and learning along the shores of Lake Virginia. Grab a bite to eat at the Fox Lodge, get a workout in at the gym, take a class in the movement studio, relax by the pool, and much more.

Virtual Tour: Lakeside Neighborhood

Explore Lakeside Neighborhood’s expertly appointed kitchens and living rooms as well as this landmark community’s private bedrooms and bathrooms.

Elizabeth Hall Tour

Tag along as Emma and Clara gives us a tour of her room in Elizabeth Hall, a first-year residential community located on the southwestern shore of campus.

Holt Hall Tour

Explore Hamilton Holt Hall, a residential community for third- and fourth-year students packed with single rooms that overlooks the tennis courts and is just steps away from Lake Virginia.

Virtual Tour: Ward Hall

Spin and zoom your way through Ward Hall and a get a feel for your first year at Rollins might look like.

Strong Hall Tour

Check out the giant kitchen, cool common space, and suite-style bathrooms at Strong Hall, a first-year residential community located on the west side of campus.

Cross Hall Dorm Tour

Explore the spacious rooms and sun-drenched courtyard at Cross Hall, an upperclass residential community that offers easy access to everything Park Avenue has to offer.

Rex Beach Hall Tour

Looking for a smaller, more intimate living experience on campus? Check out the tight-knit community feel at Rex Beach Hall.