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We encourage you to explore Rollins, and there’s no better way to experience Rollins than to spend a day on campus. 

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Sure, we could tell you all about just how jaw-droppingly awesome the Rollins campus is. After all, there’s a lot to talk about. For instance, the fact that The Princeton Review recently ranked Rollins the most beautiful college campus in the countryrecognition that no one who has ever visited this place will dispute. Or that Rollins’ lush 80-acre campus enjoys an annual average temperature in the 70s and is in close proximity to both the unending amusements of Orlando and miles of beautiful beaches on Florida’s Atlantic and Gulf coasts. We could show you hundreds of stunning photos—from spectacular sunrises over Lake Virginia to the iconic Knowles Memorial Chapel lit up at night—and soaring video footage too.

Truth is, though, the only way to truly appreciate the specialness of this place is to schedule a visit and experience it yourself. Stroll past the boathouse and white-sand beach along the shores of Lake Virginia, whose waters lap the campus’ entire southern border. Marvel at Rollins’ distinctive Spanish-Mediterranean architecture, which feels inviting and somehow homey even the first time you see it. Explore the names of the influential cultural and historical figures engraved into the more than 530 stones that make up Rollins’ one-of-a-kind Walk of Fame. Then savor the first-class dining, shopping, and entertainment options of Winter Park’s famous Park Ave., whose brick-lined streets feel like a natural extension of campus. Check out all of the things and sites you can explore in our area for a truly memorable visit to campus.

We’re not sure exactly how long it will take—maybe a minute, maybe an hour—but at the end of a day here we’re confident you’ll know Rollins is the right place for you.