Center for Leadership & Community Engagement

Welcome to our engaged campus and be prepared for an incredible transformation that will help you use your education to create change in the world.

Submit Your Bonner Application

Have a passion for service? Looking to find your anchor on campus? The Bonner Leaders Program application is now OPEN for all incoming first-year students! Apply via your student account on FOXLINK; for more info, click here

Developing Leaders

Make a difference on our campus, in our community, and in our world.

The Community Beyond

Through programs and initiatives such as the Democracy Project, students have a chance to interact with the world outside of the college campus.

An Immersive Experience

CLCE gives students the opportunity to make a difference near and far.

“An engaged campus is one that is consciously committed to reinvigorating the democratic spirit and community engagement in all aspects of its campus life: students, faculty, staff and the institution itself. The engaged campus recognizes that knowledge cannot be separated from the purposes to which it is directed. The engaged campus is not just located within a community, it is intimately connected to the public purposes and aspirations of community life itself. The engaged campus is unable to separate its unique responsibility for the development of knowledge, from the role of knowledge in a democratic society to form the basis for social progress and human equality.”
— Campus Compact

Mission Statement
CLCE inspires action and cultivates positive social change through leadership development and community engagement.
Vision Statement
A community committed to educating and empowering global citizens, responsible leaders, and lifelong learners.
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