A Whole New World

August 23, 2023

By Jazmyn Reed

A group of Rollins students take in the view in Austria.
Photo by Janie Inscore ’25.

Barbie and Ken aren’t the only ones creating change and exploring new worlds. Check out this year’s upcoming field studies for a chance to experience new cultures, take cool classes, and gain a competitive edge in the job market.

We know you’re bound to change the world, so at Rollins, we make it easy for you to explore it while you’re here. Our more than 90 study abroad programs include everything from field studies to immersive service experiences that take place while you’re already out of class—during winter intersession, spring break, and summer.

Recent research from the American Association of Colleges & Universities shows that executives and hiring managers are more likely to hire candidates with experience in a field-based project in a community with people from diverse backgrounds, so not only do these hands-on opportunities enrich your Rollins experience, but they also look good on your resume.

Ready to make the world your classroom? Here’s a sampling of where you could be off to next.

Brazil cityscape

Culture, Society, and Business in Brazil

  • Faculty leader: Kip Kiefer, professor of business
  • Semester offered: Winter 2024

The Scoop

Take your networking skills global as you meet directly with business owners in Rio de Janeiro and experience firsthand business practices during visits to companies like Grupo Globo and the DARA Institute. During this weeklong field study, you’ll also visit popular national sites like the Christ the Redeemer statue, Museu do Amanha, and Copacabana Beach while exploring challenges and opportunities for Brazilian people, their government, and their organizations through readings, lectures, discussions, and site visits.

Zebras in South Africa

Literature and Culture in South Africa

  • Faculty leaders: Ben Hudson, assistant professor of English; Jana Mathews, professor of English
  • Semester offered: Spring 2024

The Scoop

Whether you’re diving into a short story, taking a safari through Kruger National Park, or immersing yourself in the culture of Cape Town and Johannesburg, you’ll explore the literature and wildlife of South Africa during this course and accompanying field study. Through readings, papers, presentations, and a post-trip research paper, you’ll survey the different cultural legacies that make up South African literature while investigating the challenging histories of British colonialism and its role in creating the segregationist policies of Apartheid.

Wind turbines in Ireland

Communication, Culture, and Conflict in Northern Ireland

  • Faculty/staff leaders: Anne Stone, associate professor of communication; Melissa Nelson, staff director, Social Impact Hub
  • Semester offered: Spring 2024

The Scoop

Gain a new perspective on communication differences across global communities while exploring the history of religious discrimination in Northern Ireland and its current impact on the region. You’ll visit Derry and Queens University to explore Irish protest art and music, and you’ll also examine the efforts of the country to become more environmentally conscious through the use of renewable energy as you bike through Belfast and visit a sustainable and regenerative farm in the Ballymoney area.

Monkeys in the Dominican Republic

Expedition Biology in the Dominican Republic

  • Faculty leaders: Bobby Fokidis, associate professor of biology; Jay Pieczynski, associate professor of biology
  • Semester offered: Summer 2024

The Scoop

Create your own conservation journey during this experiential learning course that partners you with grassroots environmental organizations to collect real data on threatened species in the Dominican Republic. During this two-week field study, you’ll discover the threats currently facing endemic animals through research and experiments and explore the role that history and culture play in shaping animal conservation initiatives.

South Korea landscape

Science, Tech, Engineering & Math Culture in South Korea

  • Faculty leaders: Ellane Park, associate professor of chemistry; Jie Yu, associate professor of education
  • Semester offered: Summer 2024

The Scoop

STEM: Rollins’ version. Travel to Seoul, one of the world’s largest-growing technological hubs and innovative cities, to experience the science behind leading companies like Samsung and LG while immersing in the history, food, music, and culture of South Korea. Connect directly with STEM faculty and students from local universities and launch your learning to new heights with a trip to SongAm Space Center and star observatory. Plus, visit Jeju Island, a recently established UNESCO heritage site, to learn about the history and culture of Haenyeo, the female divers of Jeju whose livelihood depends on harvesting a variety of sea life from the ocean.

Singapore temple

Multicultural Society in the 21st Century in Singapore

  • Faculty leaders: Yusheng Yao, professor of history; Wenxian Zhang, professor and head of archives, Olin Library
  • Semester offered: Summer 2024

The Scoop

Even as one of the smallest countries in the world, Singapore leads the way in economic development and urban planning. During this weeklong field study, you’ll be fully immersed in a multi-religious and ethnically diverse environment to learn various cultural traditions from China, India, Malaysia, and others. Get to know college students at Nanyang Technology University and the National University of Singapore and explore the country’s environmentally friendly cityscape with visits to Merlion Park, the Flower Dome, and Cloud Forest.

Experiences from the Tanzania field study at Rollins College.
Photo by Scott Cook.

Community Development and Ecotourism in Tanzania

  • Faculty leader: Dan Chong, professor of political science
  • Semester offered: Summer 2024

The Scoop

Move mountains, or at least travel up one, on this field study focused on community development in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. You’ll live and work in local communities supporting organic agriculture efforts, assist with development projects, and immerse yourself in the local culture and ecotourism offerings—from hiking waterfalls and taking a world-class safari through Serengeti National Park to networking with local organizations and exploring the unique cultural features of the island.

A grid of images of a field study to Vienna, Austria.

Freud and Frankl: Vienna and the Birthplace of Psychotherapy

  • Faculty leaders: Andrew Luchner, associate professor of psychology; Todd French, assistant professor of religion
  • Semester offered: Summer 2024

The Scoop

Explore the unconscious mind and its origins during this eight-day European field study that starts in Vienna and ends in London. You’ll learn about the lives and culture that shaped two of psychology’s most famous figures, Sigmund Freud and Viktor Frankl, while touring area universities, visiting museums related to the work of Freud and Frankl, and studying the impact of World War II and the Jewish religion on these thought leaders of their time.

Experiences from the Costa Rica field study at Rollins College.
Photo by Scott Cook.

National Parks in Costa Rica (First-Year Field Study)

The Scoop

Get a head-start on your Rollins journey with this field study in Costa Rica, which brings 12 first-year students abroad before they ever attend a class at Rollins. Prepare to become a conservation leader as you explore habitats and management strategies associated with the variety of protected areas in Costa Rica, including the country’s efforts to become carbon neutral. During this 10-day trip, you’ll discover the best ecotourism infrastructure in the world while visiting Monteverde Cloud Forest, Bosque Eterno de los Niños, Arenal Volcano National Park, and more.

Students on safari in Tanzania.

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