You would be hard pressed to find a major at Rollins with more breadth of applications than psychology. It has relevance in every personal relationship and every career. That’s why students with degrees in the major understand the world in a whole new light—the “world” being people in the same room or across the globe.

The emphasis is on experiential learning, which includes work with preschool children, practice of therapeutic skills, and doing experimental labs. These hands-on experiences are rare for undergraduates, let alone first- and second-year students. With them, determine which specific application of psychology you want to further explore, be it education, business, or psychological practice.

Why Study Psychology at Rollins

  1. Invaluable Life Skills

    Clinical and behavioral psychology are just two career paths for which you’re prepared. Grads excel in health care, hospitality, marketing … but also as spouses, parents, and friends.

  2. Individual Mentoring

    Our small class sizes allow for an intimate learning environment in which professors serve as advisors and mentors. They know you as a person with unique skill sets and goals.

  3. Tailoring Your Degree

    Even students who think they know what they want to do beyond college should gain as much firsthand experience as possible. Try it all first. Then determine what excites you.

Interested in Studying Psychology at Rollins?

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Alexis Meeks ’16 at AdventHealth Innovation Lab.

“Small class sizes foster conversation. Professors are also mentors. These things helped me the most in my current role because the way psychology is taught at Rollins prepared me to understand and connect ideas from very different perspectives. Trust me, this is a huge skill to have in the workplace: to be able to merge opinions from different stakeholders into a successful outcome.”

Alexis Meeks ’16

Project Liaison, AdventHealth Innovation Lab

Rollins Psychology Careers

Rollins psychology grads are making tomorrow happen at some of the world’s most innovative organizations. Learn more about careers in psychology.

  • Aaron Bevacqua

    Aaron Bevacqua ’07

    Curriculum and Instruction Specialist, ABA Technologies

  • Self portrait of Cara Guthrie

    Cara Guthrie ’14

    Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Washington

  • Self portrait of Jasmine Cohen.

    Jasmine Cohen ’14

    Licensed Master Social Worker/Mental Health Counselor, Augusta (GA) State Prison

  • Self portrait of Ashley Bencan

    Ashley Bencan ’07

    Co-Founder, ConnectED Workforce

  • Self portrait of Mai-Han Nguyen Harrington

    Mai-Han Nguyen Harrington ’10 ’15MBA

    Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, Kobe Japanese Steakhouse

  • Self portrait of Elizabeth Berry

    Elizabeth Berry ’19

    Bilingual Legal & Medical Advocate, Resilience

Real World Experience

From community engagement courses to internships and research, Rollins psychology students hone their skills in the real world.

  • Nemours
  • Visit Orlando
  • NBC
  • Advent Health
  • The YMCA
  • Food Network
Rollins College students enjoying lunch by the Lakeside pool.

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Popular Courses

A Day in the Life of a Rollins Psychology Major

“I have been able to engage in research specific to my interests in education, on both a local and global scale while at Rollins.”

Alexandria Tomkunas ’18

Elementary School Teacher, Teach for America Corps

Beyond the Classroom

Internship Opportunities Rollins partners with prominent health-care organizations to show our students how real-life solutions arise from collaboration among leaders in business, health, and education. Alexis Meeks ’16 turned her internship at the AdventHealth Innovation Lab into a full-time career as a project liaison.

Research for Publication Students can do research alongside instructors through the Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program and conduct independent studies. As a result, Rollins undergrads are often published in scholarly journals as you would expect only from graduate students at other universities.

International Studies The world itself is the ultimate psychology lab. So there’s no better way to examine how cultures influence behaviors than to study in countries like Spain, Australia, and England. Your psychology advisor will help you create a plan tailored to your personal interest.

Psychology student works with a child in Rollins’ Child Development Center.

Keep Exploring

Take a deeper dive into psychology at Rollins by meeting your future professors, seeing our grads in action, and sitting in on a class.

Alise Fortune, Alexis Munsey, Olivia Tamburlini, Rivers Lenholt, Coco Marshall, and Alec Kriegbaum.

Bright Lights

Rollins’ 2024 valedictorians share how the College connected them to their purpose, what they’ll miss most, and what’s next in their meaningful lives and productive careers.

Bryce Pittenger

Leading with Humanity

An embodiment of one of Rollins’ most treasured tenets—life is for service—Bryce Pittenger ’87 has dedicated her career to improving lives.

From top left: Jeannie Infante Sager ’94, Bryce Pittenger ’87, Ann Francis ’01, and Tori Linder ’14.

Rollins Announces 2023 Alumni Award Winners

Meet the recipients of the 2023 Fred Rogers Global Citizenship Award, Distinguished Alumni Award, Recent Alumni Achievement Award, and Alumni Service Award.

Expert Faculty

Once students identify a specific interest in psychology, they find a professor who can guide and work with them. The faculty members represent the diversity of subfields in psychology, making their classes and career mentoring all the more valuable.

Department of Psychology

Bush Science Center
1000 Holt Ave. – 2760
Winter Park, FL 32789

Telephone: 407.646.2227

  • Sharon Carnahan

    Sharon Carnahan, PhD

    Professor of Psychology, Executive Director of the Child Development and Student Research Center

    Research interests: Application of developmental principles to the problems of children and families

  • Alice Davidson

    Alice Davidson, PhD

    Professor of Psychology

    Research interests: Peer relations in childhood and adolescence; the ways in which children make meaning out of conflict experiences through personal stories; quantitative and narrative methodologies

  • Stacey Tantleff Dunn

    Stacey Tantleff Dunn, PhD

    Professor of Psychology

    Research interests: Body image and eating behavior, with a focus on the effects of media and gender differences; positive psychology and mindfulness-based therapies

  • Juan Guevara Pinto

    Juan Guevara Pinto, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Psychology

    Research interests: How attention and memory interact with one another, sometimes resulting in unintended, new memories.

  • Paul Harris

    Paul Harris, PhD

    Professor of Psychology

    Research interests: How design and decoration of place reflects identity, the links between personality and pro-environmental behavior, and the use of social media to cope with environmental stressors like natural disasters

  • John Houston

    John Houston, PhD

    Professor of Psychology

    Research interests: Competitiveness, aggressive driving, and neighborhood attachment

  • Andrew Luchner

    Andrew Luchner, PsyD

    Associate Professor of Psychology

    Research interests: Narcissism, self-criticism, affect regulation, and psychotherapy processes

  • Jennifer Queen

    Jennifer Queen, PhD

    Professor of Psychology

    Research interests: Cognitive science of learning in college students; how the mind/brain receives, stores, and uses information; the memory for spoken language

  • Steven St. John

    Steven St. John, PhD

    Professor of Psychology

    Research interests: Behavioral and neural regulation of feeding and drinking behavior; the plasticity of the nervous system to change with age and experience

  • Rachelle Yankelevitz

    Rachelle Yankelevitz, PhD

    Associate Professor of Psychology

    Research interests: Experimental analysis of decision making, impulsivity, and risk taking