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Office of the Registrar

Hamilton Holt

Hamilton Holt School students graduate three times during the academic year at the end of the spring, summer, and fall terms, upon completion of all degree requirements.



 Graduation Date


 December 15 (effective Fall 2023)


 Every 2nd Saturday in May


 August 15 (effective Summer 2023)

Petition to Graduate

Students should submit the Petition to Graduate in the term PRIOR to the graduating term. This is required of all graduating students, regardless of whether the student will attend the commencement ceremony.

A graduation fee is charged at the time a Petition to Graduate. Regalia is not included in this cost and must be ordered seperately through the Rollins Bookstore.

  • Bachelor's Degree Graduation Fee - $35
  • Master's Degree fee - $35

Steps to Take:

  • Meet with your Academic Advisor to review your DegreeWorks audit and verify requirements are being satisfied.
  • Ensure that all outstanding transcripts from other institutions for study abroad or transfer credit have been received and courses assessed on your record. It is the student's responsibility to request transcripts be sent TO Rollins College FROM other institutions attended.
  • File a Petition to Graduate through FoxLink once a review of your DegreeWorks audit is completed.

  • Graduating students will receive instructions for commencement mid-April when regalia is available for pickup at the bookstore. 

When to File the Petition to Graduate:

  • Spring Term Graduates: By the beginning of Fall term
  • Fall Term Graduates: By the beginning of Summer term
  • Summer Term Graduates: By the beginning of Spring term


Summer Graduates

Eligibility for Commencement Participation by Summer Petitioners

Only students who have completed all graduation requirements may participate in the Commencement ceremony. Exceptions to this published policy may be considered from students who meet the following criteria:

1. The undergraduate student has a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 with a minimum GPA of 2.0 in both the major and minor coursework (if applicable) at the time of petition and at the time of Commencement; or,
the graduate student has a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in their program at the time of petition and at the time of Commencement; and
2. The student presents a viable plan, including documentation of course availability.

Students who have outstanding degree requirements may request to participate in the ceremony by submitting a request in writing to the Appeals Committee.

Honors Awarded

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students completing the final 70 semester hours of degree requirements in residence (institutional hours) at Rollins College may qualify for graduation with honors, provided that the appropriate cumulative GPA is achieved. Honors are as follows:

  • Cum Laude: 3.50-3.69
  • Magna Cum Laude: 3.70-3.89
  • Summa Cum Laude: 3.90-4.00

A student's transcript will bear the appropriate honors designation, and the designation will be announced at commencement.

Graduate Students

Students in the following graduate programs with a cumulative grade point average of 3.90 or higher will graduate with honors.

  • Master of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis and Clinical Science
  • Master of Arts in Teaching
  • Master of Human Resources
  • Master of Public Health
  • Master of Education
There is no honors distinction for the Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling or Master of Liberal Studies.