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For more information about payment options, withdrawal schedules, and refunds, please visit Student Account Services.

Registration Order



Students will register with the class they entered with at the time of matriculation (cohort) rather than on the number of accumulated credits. The assigned cohort does not change based on accumulated credits. To find your cohort, see the table below. Cohort is also found in Degree Works.

Cohort Start Term
2024 Fall 2020
2025 Fall 2021
2026 Fall 2022
2027 Fall 2023
2028 Fall 2024

In response to COVID-19, implementing the cohort registration order was necessary to ensure the Registrar’s Office adequately resolved student concerns and questions. Since then, it has been adopted as an integral part of the registration process.


  • Transfer students will be assigned to a cohort based on number of credits transferred and the anticipated graduation year. Transfer students with questions about their assigned cohort should contact Marion Bakamitsou (
  • Students who entered Rollins prior to Fall 2019 will always be included in the earliest registration block with the current cohort year or students who have petitioned to graduate (if you have petitioned to graduate).
  • Assigned cohorts do not change throughout enrollment at Rollins and will not be adjusted for students who are trying to graduate in less than four years. (Assigned cohorts does not limit the student to that "graduation year.")
  • All AMP and honors students regardless of cohort or credits, will no longer register as one group prior to juniors. AMP and honors students will register prior to others in their cohort.  See chart above.
  • 1st and 2nd year athletes will register prior to others in their cohort, but not as a group. See chart above.

Questions about registration can be sent to