Why You Should Study Abroad in College

Become a global citizen—and pursue your passion, wherever it takes you.

Why should you study abroad? From experiencing new cultures to giving your resume a boost, studying abroad during college could be one of the best decisions you make. And at Rollins, we think it should be one of the easiest. That’s why study abroad is included in the cost of your tuition, and we give you options. More than 90 to be exact, including short-term field studies and semester- and summer-long programs. So the only question left now is: Where will you go?

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Study Abroad

If you’re still asking yourself why you should study abroad, we have a million reasons. But we’ll start with the top five.


Study abroad programs to choose from, so get ready to explore the world.

A group of Rollins students take in the view in Austria.

A Whole New World

Barbie and Ken aren’t the only ones creating change and exploring new worlds. Check out this year’s upcoming field studies for a chance to experience new cultures, take cool classes, and gain a competitive edge in the job market.

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🇫🇷 🤩 cr:@emilyfroehlich0

See Emily’s semester abroad studying high-performing organizations in Pau, France as she explores French culture through food, travel, and people.


That’s how much additional tuition costs there is for studying abroad at Rollins.

Field study spotlight Austria and the UK

Field study spotlight with Janie '25: "Vienna and the Birthplace of Psychotherapy" 🇦🇹 🇬🇧 Austria & the United Kingdom

Studying abroad lets you explore your passions right at the source. Tag along to the birthplace of psychotherapy on this field study to Austria and the United Kingdom.

Summer Shared 2023 photo collage

Summer, Shared 2023

From hands-on field studies and prestigious internships to real-world research and study abroad programs, Tars share some of their biggest accomplishments from summer 2023.


Of employers say they are more likely to hire a candidate who participated in a global learning experience

AACU How College Contributes to Employer Success
A screenshot of a TikTok video

What a student field study in Egypt looks like 👀🇪🇬 #egypt #fieldstudy

Join a Rollins field study, as students travel through Egypt—and visit Cairo to see the pyramids, the market, and the catacombs, Luxor to see the Valley of the Kings, and Alexandria to visit the Great Library of Alexandria.

Instagram post

Summer program spotlight: Verano Español 🇪🇸⁠

Celebrating its 63rd year, "Verano Español" is a six-week summer program that immerses students in the language and culture of Spain. See what it's like to spend six weeks studying Spanish language and culture in Madrid.

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A Rollins student holds a parrot while on a study abroad trip the Dominican Republic.

Study Abroad FAQs

How does studying abroad work at Rollins? Are there scholarships to study abroad? Get the answers to all your study abroad questions here.

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