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Annie Russell Theatre

Rollins Improv Players

Rollins Improv Players is an improvisational theatre troupe performing signature long form and short form shows.

Rollins Improv Players

The mission of Rollins Improv Players (R.I.P.) is to create improvisational theatre that expresses challenging and provocative subject matter; to represent the dramatic and comedic aspects of student life and beyond; to dare ourselves and our audiences to grow, think, and act; to serve Rollins College as a conduit for discussion and discovery, experimentation, play, laughter and community.

Rollins Improv Players (R.I.P.) is a theatrical improvisation troupe performing a variety of long form and short form shows. R.I.P. boasts a proud 19-year history on campus.

Come watch our shows this Semester:

Variations on a Theme: Friday, January 20, 1PM (Bush Auditorium)

Cut To: Tuesday, January 24, 11PM (Bush Auditorium)

RIP Tag: Monday, January 30, 11PM (Bush Auditorium)

Variations on a Theme: Sunday, February 19, 8PM (Bush Auditorium)

Cut To: The (Re)Launch : Friday February 24, 1PM (Bush Auditorium)

RIP Tag: Cosmic Craze: Monday, February 27, 11PM (Bush Auditorium)

Variations on a Theme: Monday, March 6, 11PM (Bush Auditorium)

Cut To: The Void: Friday, March 10, 1PM (Bush Auditorium)

RIP Tag: Clash Continuum: Monday March 20, 11PM (Bush Auditorium)

Variations on a Theme: Desire: Tuesday, March 28, 11PM (Bush Auditorium)

RIP Tag: Final Blastoff: Monday, April 3, 11PM (Bush Auditorium)

RIP Raffle: Friday, April 21, 1PM (Bush Auditorium)

Cut To: The Journey - Sunday, April 23, 8pm (Bush Auditorium)

Variations on a Theme: Closure - Monday, May 1, 8PM (Bush Auditorium)

Auditions for the 2023-2024 troupe will be held on Friday, April 28th from 12 - 5pm in Bush 176. More information about auditions will be released as they approach.