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The library welcomes and encourages gifts in support of the College’s programs. Donors help sustain the library’s growth, and many of its most valuable resources and special collections originated in this way. Gifts of money, books, films, and other research materials contribute to the library’s development and help us to provide the Rollins community with the best possible access to information.

We are currently accepting donations of books and DVDs.

Accepting Donations

We are currently accepting donations of books and DVDs.

Gifts of Cash or Securities

The Olin Library welcomes contributions of cash or long-term, appreciated securities, which can be used to establish either expendable or endowed funds that support library resources, services, or facilities.

For your convenience, visit our online Giving Page. Please note that Book A Year is already selected for your gift designation. Do not select a designation from the drop-down menu.

The Book-A-Year program builds endowments to strengthen the library's collections. Once a gift totals five hundred dollars ($500.00), for either a memorial or a membership, a book is purchased at regular intervals and a bookplate is affixed, if desired, to recognize the donor(s) and the honoree.

Other donors prefer to make a will provision for Rollins College and the Olin Library, or name the library as the ultimate designation of a life-income gift. For further information about the Book-A-Year program, bequests, and life-income gifts, please contact:

Rollins College
The Office of Planned Giving
1000 Holt Avenue - 2724
Winter Park, FL 32789

Please note that for security reasons, we cannot accept credit card information via e -mail.

Book a Year

A donation of $500, payable in installments over two (2) years, establishes a permanent endowment and enables Rollins College to purchase a book at regular intervals. 

An appropriate acknowledgement of your donation will be inserted and searchable within the library catalog, indicating the name of the donor, honoree, or a gift of friends in memory of the deceased.

You can donate online via our secure e-commerce system, or mail in your donation. 

If you prefer to mail your gift, please make checks payable to Rollins College and mail this form and a check to:

Rollins College Gifts
P.O. Box 850001, Dept #9921
Orlando, FL 32885-9921

Gifts of Books, Films, and Research Materials

The library accepts materials that support the College curriculum and the educational and research needs of our students and faculty. Rare books and titles that broaden and deepen our existing collections are welcome. Photos, scrapbooks, or personal papers related to the history of the College are collected by the Department of Archives and Special Collections, which also welcomes research materials related to state and local history.

Due to the cost of processing and storing titles, the library seeks to acquire only materials that are highly relevant to the College's needs.

We generally do not accept the following:

  • General encyclopedias or dictionaries;
  • Journals or magazines;
  • Multiple copies of a single title;
  • Titles that duplicate our existing holdings;
  • Books that are heavily annotated, underlined, or otherwise damaged or moldy;
  • Materials containing outdated or condensed information;
  • Materials in obsolete formats, including VHS films and cassette tapes;
  • Sheet music;
  • Any gift given with strict stipulations.

Financial contributions to defray the cost of processing your gift would be gratefully received. Donors of large gifts may be asked to provide funds to support processing and cataloging.

How to Donate Materials

Prior to bringing materials to the library, the donor must supply a list of items to be donated for the donation to be considered:

  • For books, this list must include the title, author, publisher, and year of publication for each item.
  • For journals, the journal title, publisher, and each volume and issue to be donated must be included.

This list will allow the library to select materials that will be added to the collection. Without this list, we cannot accept gifts. The library is unable to provide staff to assist with the creation of lists.

To have your donation materials evaluated, please send the donation list to our Acquisitions Coordinator:

Kae Anne Lorentz

Gifts delivered without prior communication with Library personnel will not be accepted. If a gift is accepted, the donor will be asked to schedule an appointment for delivery and to complete a Donation Form that legally transfers ownership of the gift.

Please note, Olin Library does not have staff available to pick up books and other donated materials. We reserve the right to decline gifts that do not meet our collection development guidelines.

Textbook Donations Program

Committed to decreasing the costs of required course materials, undergraduate and graduate students can “pay it forward” by donating recently used course textbooks at the Olin Library.

To donate a textbook:

  1. Bring textbooks to the Circulation & Information desk, and
  2. Fill out a course class and number form.

Textbooks must be in suitable condition to donate and will be held on reserve for the following semester. For more information, contact the Circulation team at or call 407-646-2521.

Appraisal and Tax Considerations

To claim a charitable deduction for such a contribution, the donor must either estimate the value of the gift or have the books or materials appraised by a qualified appraiser. Under current tax laws, the Olin Library cannot provide this appraisal for its donors.

You may wish to consult the list of appraisers found at or search the Antiquarian Booksellers Association site.

Donors may also wish to consult a tax professional or the U.S. Internal Revenue Service website at for more information regarding charitable contributions. The Olin Library does not provide tax ID for IRS deductions.

Acknowledgment of your gift

If requested, we will acknowledge your gift in writing. Please note that the library cannot provide an inventory of the items donated. If you require a list of the titles donated, please prepare this information before transferring materials to the library.

Materials added to our collection are specially flagged in our online catalog to identify their donor.

Disposition of your gift

Donated items become the property of the library, and the library reserves the right to make any decisions regarding their use and disposition.

Upon further evaluation, the library may determine that some items are not suitable for our collections. Donated items that are not added to our holdings will be offered to Better World Books.

Titles not accepted by Better World Books may be sold, or, if necessary, discarded.

If you are unable to accept our guidelines as a condition of your gift, we will be happy to suggest other possible recipients.

Donations to the Archives and Special Collections

The Archives and Special Collections accepts donations of materials related to Rollins College and Florida that fall with its collection development policy and financial support of our work.

For more information concerning donations to the Archives, please contact the Head of Archives and Special Collections at 407-646-2231 or

You can make a secure donation to Olin Library through the Rollins e-commerce system.
You can make a secure donation to Book A Year through the Rollins e-commerce system.