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Built in 1985, the library features computer labs, classrooms, multiple study spaces, and a beautiful tower room overlooking the Rollins campus and Lake Virginia. The library offers a variety of services available to the Rollins community, aiming to help you during your time here at Rollins.

Faculty Services

The library offers services for Rollins faculty, including research assistance, critical thinking and information literacy instruction, and scholarly publication hosting.

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Open Educational Resources Grants

The Olin Library offers two OER grants for current Rollins faculty and instructors, which will be reviewed by the Olin Library OER Group.


Visit the Library

The Olin Library is open to the Rollins community, as well as to the public, including alumni, community members, UCF students, and Winter Park Library patrons. While an RCard swipe is required to enter the building, all other guests can ring the doorbell at the main front doors for entry.