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Olin Library


The Olin Library offers a variety of technology services for all students, faculty, and staff, including open lab spaces, equipment check-out, and more.

Computer Labs & Workstations

The library contains three computer labs: two administered by the Information Technology department, and one administered by the library.

I.T. Computer Labs

These rooms can be reserved through the Rollins Scheduling and Event Services Virtual EMS. Learn how to Book a Room using the Virtual EMS system.

For more information on these labs, contact Information Technology.

Library Computer Lab

This space contains a bank of 22 computers in the lobby on the 2nd floor and is not bookable.

Digital Signage

The Olin library has a variety of options available for digital signage in the building. If you would like to promote your campus organization or event, let us know. Contact our Digital Services Specialist, Stephanie Nieves, for more information.

Accessibility Services

The library works closely with the Office of Accessibility Services to ensure that the needs of all students are met, and incorporated assistive technology within the library. Learn more about our Accessibility Services at the library.

If you require additional accommodation or support, you can contact the Office of Accessibility Services.

Microfilm Reader

The Olin Library has a collection of materials on microform. These materials can be read, saved as multiple file formats (including .jpg, .png, .pdf), and printed via our microform reader and workstation located on the 1st floor of the library, right in front of the Grover Room. Priority use of this space and the computer is for patrons using the microform reader.

The microform is kept on the 1st floor in the microform area and in the Archives. If you need help finding or using these materials, library employees are here to assist you.

Please note that any documents saved to the microform computer will be deleted by our security software when you log off. Make sure to save your scans to a flash drive, external source, a cloud service or you can e-mail them directly to yourself.

Print requests sent from the microform room are sent to the reference area printer on the 2nd floor. You will need to release your print job from the laptop release station as usual.

The library has iPads, digital cameras, laptops, and more available for checkout.
Access additional resources Olin Library is subscribed to through apps that can be installed directly on mobile devices.