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Request for Reconsideration Form

The Dean of Olin Library, along with the Head of Collections, has established a Material Challenge policy and procedure for gathering input about particular materials and resources available in the collection.

The resources acquired for the Olin Library are selected to meet the teaching, research, and service missions of Rollins College. Appearance of any resource does not mean that the Library advocates or endorses the ideas found in that resource. The Library adheres to the principles of intellectual freedom as outlined in the Library Bill of Rights of the American Library Association. It is the responsibility of the Library to ensure that different points of view are represented in the collection.

The American Library Association defines a challenge as an attempt to remove or restrict materials, based upon the objections of a person or group. Resources in the Olin Library collections may be challenged by students, faculty, and staff of Rollins College, or members of the Rollins College community. 

Book & Material Challenge Process

  1. Complainant submits the online Request for Reconsideration of Material form.
  2. Complaint is reviewed by the Complaint Review Committee.
  3. The Review Committee makes a recommendation to the Dean of Olin Library on a response or action.
  4. The Dean of Olin Library provides a response to the complainant.

Note: Challenged items will remain on the shelf and available to patrons during the duration of the challenge.