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Celebration of Rollins Scholars

A new campus annual event and ongoing program hosted by the Olin Library and the Office of the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, showcasing scholarly publications and expressive works completed by Rollins faculty, staff, and students in the previous calendar year.

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In 2024, did you…

Celebrating You!

In 2024, did you…

  • Author, edit, translate or contribute to a book, journal article or an online blog post?
  • Host a podcast, launch up an art exhibition or perform in a musical or theatrical show?
  • Work on a Faculty-Student Collaboration proposal?
Along with the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, the Olin Library wants to document and celebrate your scholarship.

Event Details

Please join us in recognizing the scholarly publications and expressive works by Rollins faculty, students, and staff:

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January 17, 2025

Celebration of Rollins Scholars

Olin Library

Presentation and reception schedule to be announced.

Previous Celebrations

2023 Celebration of Rollins Scholarship Citation and Program Booklet |  Event Guide

Submit Your Works

Report your 2024 publication or expressive arts information by September 15, 2024. By filling out this form, you will receive a commemorative pin and an invitation to present the day of the event. The Office of the Dean of CLA will file reported faculty publications for their records.

Previous program booklets for Celebration of Faculty Scholarship can be accessed online by year at Rollins Scholarship Online (RSO).