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Mentorship, Mastered

Rollins’ integrated, campus-wide approach to mentorship provides students with personalized guidance and support at every step of their educational journeys.

Rollins liberal arts students meet with their faculty mentor in the outdoor classroom on the Rollins campus.
A math professor mentoring a student while pointing to an equation on a window.

A recent report from Gallup reveals that college graduates who had a professor who cared about them as a person, made them excited about learning, and encouraged their dreams were twice as likely to thrive in both their lives and careers. Further, researchers found that having at least one mentor during college was the single most important factor to personal and professional success.

A music professor stands next to a pianist and reviews music with two students.
Students and mentors sit at a table in front of a chalkboard.
Liberal arts students work with a machine in a laboratory.
Rollins college students work on homework in a Winter Park cafe.
Art studio faculty and students working together in a print shop.

At Rollins, you’ll never walk alone. Our unique mentorship model provides every student an entire community of mentors at every step of their journey. These expert guides help you uncover your passion and give you the tools and opportunities to reach your goals.

Students observing plants on a tray.
A student in a lab coat sharing with his faculty mentor.
A student speaking to her college professor.
An art professor providing feedback to a student while looking at their painting on an easel.

You’ll forge lifelong relationships with our expert professors through our intimate, discussion-based courses and one-on-one advising. That student-faculty bond is strengthened while working side by side on everything from original collaborative research to life-changing service projects and globetrotting field studies.

Environmental studies professor Barry Allen and students on a field study in Costa Rica.
A student presentation on medical ethics in progress. A college student in an English class.
A student and environment studies professor talking in an office lined with books.
A professor teaching a student in a computer lab.

Rollins Gateway guarantees every incoming student a dedicated faculty advisor from orientation through commencement. In fact, you’ll connect with your faculty advisor during your first full day on campus. Many students and faculty advisors form bonds that stretch well beyond four years.

A professor and student in an advising session.
A professor talks to a student while smiling.

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College students discussing and taking notes.
Rollins liberal art students talking to career and life planning.

You’ll also have dedicated staff advisors who will help you maximize your Rollins experience, augmenting your academic experience through study abroad, community engagement, and elite internship and research opportunities.

Students in a seminar.
A successful student and her college mentor.
Liberal arts college students working on a group project gathered around a laptop computer.
Rollins college students in a discussion at a table.

It always helps to have a friend who’s walked a mile in your shoes. Even before you’ve fully moved into your dorm room, you’ll have the support of Rollins’ Peer Mentors, second-, third-, and fourth-year Tars who help ensure your #RollinsLife is amazing from day one.

College students eating at Rollins' award winning dining center.
Two students discuss a document together at their desk.
A faculty mentor and a student sit outside talking.
An alumnus and a student athlete speaking in Rice Family Pavilion.

Through Rollins’ Career Champions alumni mentorship program, you’ll get firsthand career and life advice from alumni mentors whose professional paths align with your interests.

A student and mentor talking while walking down stairs.
A student and a college mentor walking.
SJ Renfroe ’18
“The quality of the faculty and the personalized attention I received allowed me to form deep relationships. Being on a first-name basis with your professors really allows for approachability and lets students learn so much more deeply.”

SJ Renfroe ’18

Anthropology major
MA candidate, Columbia University

Professor Dan Chong with students at a Winter Park coffee shop.
Physics students take measurements with oscilloscopes.

Our Mentors Are No. 1

Our professors are amazing, but don’t just take our word for it: ask the experts. U.S. News & World Report ranked Rollins the No. 1 college in the South for undergraduate teaching in its 2020 rankings of the nation’s best colleges.

A group of liberal arts students and their professor teaching them the Chinese language.
A marine biology professor holds a starfish and explains it to a graduate student.