Why Rollins

Is Rollins right for you? The answer goes beyond our slew of top rankings and life on America’s most beautiful campus. It’s about more than a degree or your first job out of school. It’s about discovering what you truly care about and preparing you to pursue that purpose with all of your might.

The answer lies in Rollins Gateway, our signature approach to preparing students for meaningful lives and productive careers. Rollins Gateway combines our interdisciplinary curriculum with high-impact experiences outside of the classroom and an integrated mentorship model, creating a personalized pathway that empowers students to chart their own course to personal and professional success.

So, is Rollins right for you? We think so. C’mon, take a spin through Rollins Gateway, and we’ll prove it to you.

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A Future-Proof Foundation

Rollins Gateway is rooted in the College’s future-proof brand of liberal arts education. Through Rollins’ innovative, interdisciplinary core curriculum, you’ll develop broad-based knowledge and an array of 21st century skills like creative problem solving, critical thinking, collaborative teamwork, and clear communication that are immune to the fast-paced fluctuations of our ever-evolving world.

Build a foundation for lifelong leadership

A college student working on a class project with a local entrepreneur.

Liberal Arts in Action

You’ll put that newfound know-how to work in the world through an array of hands-on experiences that range from internships and study abroad to community engagement and collaborative research with faculty. You’ll not only develop your passions through these immersive experiences, but you’ll also gain the kind of practical, real-world expertise that employers and graduate schools demand.

Put your education in action

A couple of students working together in the molecular biology lab on campus.

Mentorship, Mastered

Within the flexible framework of Rollins Gateway, you have the freedom to pursue your unique interests and professional goals, but you’re far from alone on these journeys of discovery. In fact, Rollins’ unique mentorship model provides every student an entire community of mentors at every step, helping them make meaning of their education and their place in the world.

Meet your mentors

A recent college alumn with her legs in a ball pit at EA Sports.

Rollins Results

This is where your personalized pathway leads, but it’s just the beginning of your journey. Our graduates emerge from Rollins Gateway with purpose and passion, uniquely prepared to forge meaningful lives and productive careers, ready to make tomorrow brighter. Get a sneak peek at your Rollins Gateway by exploring the career paths of the Tars who’ve gone before you.

Find out what it means to be Rollins Ready

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